Hack and Hew creates the opportunity to enjoy an environment that stimulates excitement and opportunity to learn primal survival skills that are difficult to come by. This business is intentional in helping young professionals and families grow together and create unique opportunities not found anywhere in Central Virginia. 


Individuals in the greater Lynchburg area do not often find opportunities to build both unusual skills and experience relaxing activities in the same environment. Hack and Hew will soon offer skill building, technique learning, and the opportunity to learn alongside others as they discover enjoyment in outdoor adventures. 


Hack and Hew is located in an ideal location and offers something likable to many populations in the greater Lynchburg area. We give the opportunity to learn skills such as axe throwing techniques, classes that endorse survival knowledge, all in an exciting, competitive setting. Hack and Hew is open Wednesday through Friday 4pm – 10pm, Saturday 10am to 10pm and Sunday from 2pm to 10pm. These business hours make it ideal for evening and weekend activities, or a midday adventure.


After first getting design and application experience as a mechanical engineer he drew up Hack and Hew to allow others to experience his passion for the outdoors. Matthew graduated from Virginia Tech a few years ago, and is drawn to building skills and creating community in his home town of Forest, Virginia. He is a successful entrepreneur who has skill expertise in understanding the need for more excitement in this area. Matthew has steadily built the experience and support for the success of this corporation.  

114 Hexham Drive, Lynchbrug Va 24502

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Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Friday  3:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday  12:00pm – 9:00pm

Walk-in’s Welcome & Reservations Available

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